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Beyond the Jumpgate: My new home at AstronomyJewelry.com

This <*> site has been out of commission for several months because I have been preparing something new.  Since there are so few <*> Pins left, I have decided to focus primarily upon a new idea that I have been nurturing: to be able to create full-color space jewelry featuring ANY high-rez image.

To say the least, I am glad to announce that I have FINALLY succeeded.   Take a look at these pics!

Orion Nebula Pendant: front view


 Orion Nebula Pendant: back view

There’s lots more where THAT came from.  :)

Here’s the amazing part: a few months ago when I was searching for a good name for a site focusing on astronomy jewelry, I went to Internic’s “Whois” site just to find out who already owned a cool name like “astronomyjewelry.com” since there was no way in heck that the name was available.

No one owned that name.

It was actually available.  ARE YOU KIDDING??

Mine now!  :)

I’m glad to say that even though it took nearly 2 years of learning, I have finally broke through to professional level when it comes to this new approach to jewelry.

Since running two sites at once is beyond my current energy level, I am going to close any sales on this site for now.    I’ll leave the site up as a record of my adventures in the <*> world.  Collectors would probably need it as a reference as well.

Please visit me at astronomyjewelry.com and let others know it’s there as well.

See ya there!  :)

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