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What’s beyond the jumpgate?

A few months ago, I received a bunch of Jr Pins from Portland. I had told my friend (the one who is storing my stuff in his basement back there) to root through my stuff and just not mention anything that happens to be strange or too personal. So we now have Jr Pins that are not mentioned on the website just yet.

I have converted a few of them into Starry, Magic Purple Green and Shadow varieties. I emailed my best two dozen <*> Pin fans about this new development., complete with a secret, custom web page. The response was surprisingly low. I got just enough orders to cover an emergency expense, fortunately.

There are not many B5 fans out there, I know. Ya just can’t try to offer the same thing over and over to the same small group of people and expect to duplicate one’s own previous successes.

So my creative thoughts have now turned to the critical question: “What’s beyond the Jumpgate?” as far as doing Pins are concerned.

I have some ideas I am trying out. One has to do with learning a whole new jewelry-making technique. Another has to do with making unique scarves that look seriously awesome. I have already exchanged three scarves to people who loved my design. We’ll save the scarves for a different blog post.

In a few months, I might be able to offer something waaay beyond the <*> design as far as making Pins is concerned. The only limit will be time for practice and money for materials.

Right now I am working on a first-draft creative idea.

It won’t be made of metal, like the Pins you already know. More like a blast from my far past back in the long-ago days when I used to do professional pottery, only on a lot smaller scale with much greater precision and creative possibilities.

Eventually I hope be able to ramp this whole new creative technique which I’m currently learning all the way up to: “Give me any full-color image and I’ll turn it into awesome Pin.” Custom colors, interesting shapes, awesome one-of-a-kind themes, it all could become possible one of these days. Maybe by even Christmas.

The nerve damage from the chemo continues, though not as bad as last year. (Being able to walk almost normally again is an awesome thing. :)

Despite the fatigue, I am hoping I can slowly ramp up this new Pin idea as my health allows.

I’ve tried pushing myself very, very hard these last couple of weeks to create super-complicated, awesome designs as a gift for a couple of very deserving folks. Unfortunately, as it turned out, that simply does not work with my kind of intermittent fatigue. I’m only capable of a few hours a week for working, if that.

I can, however limit myself to relatively simple designs at first, so as to not burn myself out so much.

If this new idea turns out to be the beginning of something completely awesome, you can officially say that You Were There (TM) right at the beginning when the <*> Pin artist started creatively looking beyond the Jumpgate. :)

Wish me luck. :)

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