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I’m still alive… sorry I’ve not been posting much lately.

A few quick updates:

I am still living in the same house that was threatened with foreclosure. My landlady has been fighting the bank with what seems to be a pretty good lawyer. I’m surprised I’m still here, but it’s better than having to move.


I am definitely not a blogger by nature… I like responding to other people’s comments on various website forums out there more than I like generating my own original content. My apologies to everyone for not keeping this one updated.


Some Jr. Pins were found in Portland. YAY! I had ’em shipped, now they are here. I am playing with colors and experimenting with creating different Rarities with the Jr size. Cool. Stay tuned for updates on cool Jr. Pins!

Still have not confirmed if there are any larger size Pins still in my Portland storage.


Health news: I got scanned again and I’m still stable… the cancer is not growing any larger for now. Let’s hope it stays that way. I’ve been dealing with fatigue and brain fog, both which seem to be permanent. WTF did the chemo do to my brain? I know it causes nerve damage… :(

Ah well… hey, I’m still alive, that’s the thing. :)


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