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How to gamble in Vegas – the Elana way

When I first moved to Vegas, I expected some culture shock, since it is so different from Oregon. That’s exactly what I got on many different levels.

The first shock was seeing a slot machine section in the local grocery stores. EVERY freakin’ grocery store here has a slot machine section!

During my first months in Vegas, I wasted a few bucks at first to see if this slot thing was worth it. Nope. Bunch of money pits. Not much fun.

After awhile, I learned a good new gambling habit:
Start feeling lucky. Have enough to go out and do something interesting that day. Go to a penny slot machine. Stick in a dollar. Eventually lose the dollar. Get disgusted. Leave.
Wait a few weeks for the disgust to wear off. Get another dollar, go back, lose it, get disgusted for a few more weeks.
Repeat until you are bored silly with the whole thing.

More recently I discovered a neat trick: some of these grocery store gambling places give you a free soda if you sit at one of their slot machine. Cool.

So now I sometimes wander into the slot machine section of the local grocery store. Stick in a dollar. Ask for my diet soda. Gamble and lose around 25 cents max. Grab my “winnngs” (Woohoo! A whole 75 cents!) and leave with my nice, discounted can of soda.

Cool. I get a soda for around 25 cents cheap on average and a few minutes of gambling. If I win more than a buck, hey, free soda and some extra pocket money too.

I like discovering this secret of how I can gamble in Vegas and win every time. :)

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