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Closing in on the end of “Pinventory”

I closed the website a month ago to take care of personal stuff.  Now I am starting to get ready again to offer more Pins.  But first, some medical updates.

My last visit with the oncologist dealt with the nasty fatigue and sleepiness I have been dealing with.   I have been on a “light chemo” – mostly just the miracle drug Avastin – so I should be getting at least SOME functionality back.  I’ve been able to process a decent amount of Pins – enough to start seeing the end of the Jumpgate Pin inventory here in Nevada.  (Who knows what’s still in my storage in Portland).

The fact that I can take any Pin and modify it to a customer’s specification (just give me a few extra weeks) throws the whole idea of “x type of Pins left” into a different dimension.  Recently, a customer sent me a pic of Lyta’s eye bleeding, and asked for a Pin that “bled” red color down the front of the Pin.  That thing took many days to finish.  For a one-shot, one-pin custom order like that, I ask for around 100 bucks.

Before I announce that the website is ready for folks to look at again, I need to re-count what I have available now.  I am not sure yet how I want to handle upcoming demand.

I DO know I want to offer custom colors.  I have a nice list of what colors to offer.   Idea: If you ask a custom-color price, NO ONE ELSE can claim that color, EVER.   I get stuck with a little container of the rest of that color, but that’s a small price to make you guys happy.

I think I’ll work on a page called “What Custom Colors Have Not Been Claimed Yet” for this site and see what happens.  I might be able to Photoshop those custom colors in advance so that you can see a sneak preview of you are getting in advance and decide on what you want.  That way, you are not limited to what I have on hand, and you get to know you have a Pin color that no one else has.  :)

Stay tuned for the news on what happens next with the Pins!

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