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Latest news – various random news

I have been distracted by a LOT of stuff lately… hard to concentrate on stuff like blogging. So here’s some news:

The FDA has postponed it’s decision to ban the drug to keep me alive until December 17. That means I get to have a whole three months on Avastin. That stuff WORKS… I don’t care what the government thinks.

I am off of the nastier chemicals for now. I am slooooooooooowly recovering from the powerful chemo drugs I was on earlier this year. I still have fatigue problems but they are improving somewhat. I am at the the point where if I go outside for a grocery errand or something, it flattens my energy level for only around the next 24 hours or so instead of a whole 3-4 days.

I remember my first time on chemo when the cancer first showed up in ’07… it was only 4 rounds of chemo, yet it took 5 months for me to recover. How long does it take for someone to get back their energy after a whole year of that poison stuff? Heck if I know. I am just glad that I get to have only Avastin for the next 3 months so that I can continue my slow upward energy trend.

I need to keep seeing that energy growing. I have bright ideas and plans to start a whole new series of custom pin work before Christmas.

I can’t reveal much now, but it turns out that there are some certain potential collaborators who have the same kind of specialized tools and equipment I used to have access to back in the mid-90’s to make Pins. On top of that, they might actually let me personally use those tools during a certain two-week period in November.

I have some talents they need for their own purposes, while they have the specialized equipment I need to invent new Pins.

Negotiations are happening. Can it work? Is my health even going to freakin’ allow me to accomplish even a few of the new creative ideas that are happily dancing in my brain right now?

If it CAN work, it means that I could create some seriously cool pins of ANY custom design (at least ones that are relatively lawyer-free) within the next 12 weeks.

I can already hear the questions: “Are you going to make more Jumpgate Pins? Pleeeeeeze???!! Can I have a ________ Pin??”

For honesty’s sake, I won’t go re-copying the old Jumpgate Pin design into new works of metal just to keep that old project alive. I promised 15 years ago that those series of Pins would be rare, and I am keeping my promise.

However I am seriously wondering; if I can soon re-connect with the same kinds of resources I had in the mid-90’s to make Pins, would it be ethically OK if I created a new re-tooled, re-styled, very limited series of Jumpgate Pins to take care of those who missed the first round? Same idea, same color schemes, yet a slightly different, hopefully even-cooler design re-tooled within the metal?

I don’t know. It’s something for me to mull over until I find out if I can even make any of this new stuff happen in the first place. (EDIT from a year later: I never was able to re-connect with the metalworking resource I used to have, so I ended up going a different direction. See my most recent posts.)

In the meanwhile, I am busy taking what’s left of the Pinventory as it is and getting creative as my energy allows. I am not ready to re-open the website yet. I am taking Pins that don’t sell and converting them into new colors. Red Pins do NOT sell for some weird reason. So I am giving up on the Red Pins and converting them into unique colors. More details later.

Now… arrrhgggh… suddenly I have to sleep. Thanks for listening… I’ll talk more later. :)

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