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Wishes and thanks and that kinda stuff ;)

I have a neat little tradition when I am feeling extremely grateful to a person because they did something extraordinary. Saying just “thank you” in person is not quite enough in that kind of case.

My absolute favorite way to thank someone like that in person is to say this:

“So many humans on this planet has their own secret wish or dream that they keep locked away in their heart, one which they’ve never shared with anyone. It’s often a wish that you believe could never happen in reality. Still that wish insists on staying alive, often haunting you at 3 in the morning. Yes, THAT one.

I hereby offer you this positive thought – just for you – that YOUR ultimate wish (yes, THAT one!) comes true for you in the most amazing, unexpected positive way that you never could have expected.

I honestly hope that happens for you. 

As for the details of what that secret dream of yours might be, it’s none of my freakin’ business. So there.” :-D

That’s a lot of fun. Always seems to crack people up. ;)

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