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Tired, exhausted, need help from someone with more energy

Tired and sad. :-/

My bedframe is BROKEN (it hurts to sleep), I have scary medical bills that insurance does not cover… and I am too damn fatigued and exhausted to do all I need to do. :-(

I really need to write a nice, concise public announcement happily announcing my Pins again to the world (I have videos!) and saying I have a blog now, “hey, check it out”, etc. asking folks to spread the news.

I also need to somehow get the energy (and guts) to write to Straczynski himself and politely ask if he could put out a good word on my behalf out to the world. That could really help me in my fight against stage 4 cancer.

If someone else out there could volunteer to do ANY of this kind of get-the-word-out kind of stuff, that would REALLY help my current depressing state of overwhelm.

Thanks for listening.

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