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The day I met some Billy Mays wannabe…

Some weeks ago, I woke up and realized I had won the “personal energy lottery” (i.e. I actually had a little energy for a change) for that day. So I decided to get an errand or two completed before the energy vanished again.

I did something I normally don’t do… ended up in a shopping maul. (sic!)

On the sidewalk was a vendor’s stand piled high with those super-absorbent towel things. In front of the stand was a table with some enthusiastic guy happily and loudly demonstrating the absorbency of the towels. He had a large pitcher of water, several bowls and a fast-talking, demonstration sales pitch.

I normally avoid that kind of thing, but I decided that being entertained by some Billy Mays wannabe was more interesting than whatever else I had going on in the next 5 minutes.

I decided to cheerlead him a bit for the heck of it, honestly, without sarcasm. What the hey, the guy was just trying to make an honest living.

So I started cheering to him: “Sales pitch! YEAH! Do your pitch! SELL them towels! YEAH!” as he slammed that water around with the towel and did his routine.

It all came crashing down into a huge slag pile of ROTFL the next moment when both he and I heard THE next thing that escaped my mouth:


The guy collapsed all over his table, busting a gut.
I nearly collapsed on the sidewalk – not believing WTF I just said.

I have to admit… I think did the nearly impossible. :)

I actually made a live pitchman utterly SPEECHLESS.

It’s all Ben Fold’s fault.

I saw his freakin’ video on Youtube and the name of his wacky song just stuck in my head.

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