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Subscribing to this blog – something new to learn

It’s time to for both you and I to learn more about the new “subscribe for email updates for this blog” feature. It’s a learning experience for both you as my reader and for me as a new blogger. :)

I have been trying to work around my chemo fatigue to find out how people can get emailed updates on what’s up with me and the Pins. My main pin site is not set up code-wise to be easily updated.

This blog page – which is like a separate annex connected to the main site – solves that problem. I now can add features like email subscriptions, RSS, blog comments etc.

So let’s talk about the cool email subscription feature.

On the left, you can see a place to subscribe to this blog. The way it works is pretty obvious. Put in your email address, hit the button, subscribe to get summaries of my blog posts.

The part that was most confusing for me is something that I will now clear up for you. I thought that the subscription feature would immediately send a notice as soon as I wrote something. Turns out it saves up all the posts I wrote on the current day, then sends you a nice little summary early in the morning of the next day.

I HATE the idea of mass-mailing my current list of past customers to share any new news… that smells like a certain canned-pork-meat situation to me. I have decided to instead do one last mass-emailing to all of these past customers to alert them to the fact that they can subscribe to this blog.

I like having the blog feature working here that batches up every post written in 24 hours and then sends it all out on one email the next day. That means that if I write a whole pile of posts in a few hours, you don’t get spammed all to heck each time. Cool.

Then again… if I were to write some just-for-fun posts every day for several days, that mean you end up with an emailbox full of too many daily blog alerts in less than a week. I don’t like that. I’ve decided that just-for-fun posts will be batched up and scheduled for a once-a-week email alert schedule. That works. :)

Really important stuff like radical changes in my medical situation, or important Pin offers – THAT I’ll send out the next day. Cool.

I am planning on posting both personal and Pin news on this blog. I want to keep this site actually interesting… yet I know that not everyone would want to know everything I write.

I know that sophisticated technologies exist to allow a person to be able to subscribe to just one category of posts, say just special sale offers or whatever. Maybe one person would be interested in the personal stuff, while another wants to just know about any website updates. Someday I’ll be able to offer that kind of feature. However I am definitely not anywhere near that level of web smarts just yet. My web skills have been stuck in the late 90’s… but I am quickly catching up. I think my HTML skills are up to at least the year 2002 or so at this point. But I am catching up. ;)

I hope that you enjoy my first steps in this whole blogging and social networking thing. If it makes it easier for you to enjoy my site, then that’s excellent. That’s how I want it to be. :)

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