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Shipping news and personal energy

I am glad I gave myself all the way to September 10 to re-open the website to more sales. As usual, I keep forgetting that sometimes I end up needing to rest for up to two or three days at a time. This past week was no exception.

I am writing this on Friday night. Tomorrow I am shipping out my first order if I have the energy. Larger orders with hard customer deadlines take precedence and always go via trackable UPS. I insist on that. It’s for my own piece of mind to know that the Pins got there on time as requested.

Orders with no particular deadlines are next. Easy to process, just pack, print out/cut out Pin certificates, print out labels and ship and then take a rest. It’s easy, yet takes time per order… I am usually rather over-cautious, checking and re-checking to make darn sure that I got the exact Pin the customer asked for.

Last are the special orders. They are the bottlenecks in the Pin fulfillment process. Someone got what’s supposed to be the last Golden in Nevada – which needs some serious re-polishing. Someone else got the last first Purple-Green, which has a slight defect which needs sanding out and re-lacquering. No problem… both those customers will get updates on their orders as they happen. I already got the polishing supplies for refurbishing the Golden from the hardware store.

As usual, I am learning to pace myself… a difficult task for someone as impulsive as lil’ ol’ me. Before cancer, I was a high-energy, loud, impulsive creative soul. I am still stuck with the loud-voice curse, but at least the creativity is still shining through the lack of energy. That’s a blessing.

Being forced to effectively plan everything I do because of the general lack of energy is actually a good, maturing experience for me. I have to remember that if I wake up feeling actually halfway normal, I can’t let myself go with my usual first impulse by slamming everything into high gear and doing a zillion things at once.

As completely fun as that is, I gotta remember that if I let myself go that way, I will end up paying for it in no-energy days… time lost to being stuck on the sofa staring like a deer in the headlights at the Discovery Channel or just sleeping. No energy to do much else.

I have always known I’ve needed a moderating force in my life… didn’t expect that to be cancer.

So life goes on… I am glad to have the Pins to work on as a positive thing. Thanks you all for that. :)

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