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Need good thoughts for August 10 – Cancer test results will be known then

Hello everyone.

A few days ago, I got scanned to find out what my Stage 4 tumors are up to. I had a PET scan, a CAT scan and a bone scan.

On August 10, I will see my oncologist to find out what the results are.

I am pretty nervous… my kind of cancer is one of the worst. Stage 4, triple-negative (hardest to fight), poorly differentiated (tumor is too mixed up with regular tissue to figure out where the tumor ends and regular issue begins), with a growth proliferation factor (I forget the exact term for that) of around 77. Very slow-growth cancer is rated around 10 and below. 100 is worst-case for cancer that wants to grow fast.

So am I going to live at least for the next 3-6 months (until the next scan) or am I going to get the Big Bad News instead? I don’t know. :(

At my last scan, the tumors seemed to be mostly defeated. However we all know that cancer tends to evolve and fight back. For all I know, the tumors in my breast and liver have given up hanging out where they were and decided to go try living in a bone or a lung instead.

So whoever you are, where-ever you are, please think good thoughts for me. If you are into prayers, please pray for me. If you are just aren’t into the spiritual thing, pass on the news to others so they can help bring on the good thoughts. I would appreciate it.

It’s nice to know I have you guys, your positive emails, your overall support to look forward to. I deeply appreciate that. Look to this blog for news on how the tests all turn out. I hope to give you all good news.

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