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HOLY Straczynski!

Yesterday, my exhausted, overwhelmed brain could NOT handle the tasks needed to plan a whole new “Hey everyone, check out my new blog and stuff!” net-campaign.

In a fit of “aw the hell with it” despair, I instead posted a public plea for help both on this blog and Facebook regarding that task.

I tossed in a call to other fans to ask J. Michael Straczynski for a positive word.

Then I closed my laptop, took a nap, woke up, blankly stared at some Discovery and Sci TV channel stuff for awhile, then went to sleep.

Woke up this morning at around 11am my time. Checked my personal email box (not the one currently on my website)… saw a note from Jan S. with the news that Joe had asked everyone for help on my behalf.


Joe had posted a positive word on my behalf online at 4pm the previous afternoon. :)

Have a screenshot. :)

WTF wonderful storm of massive cool responses is awaiting me at Facebook and also in my main email account right now?? Good gawd…

Time to make a plan.

First… get THIS post up on Facebook.
“Hi wonderful Facebook people!” :)

Thank everyone for their help.
Done. :)

I turn my face now to the Great Maker himself. :)
With a grin I say:


Saying thanks, you rock, you are awesome, etc…. all that JUST DOES NOT COVER IT.

So imagine a massive chorus of thanks coming at you in a huge chorus of every terrestrial language on Earth.

Imagine the concept of “thanks” given in every communication form ever imagined by humans in the entire past history of our species.

On top of that, now imagine the concept of “thanks” given in every non-terrestrial communication and languages borne within currently-unknown civilizations across the universe… so many languages yet to be discovered by our planet’s great-great-great-great grandchildren, traveling and learning and discovering those languages in triumphant future starships even today’s Steven Hawking could probably ever dream of. :)

I extend those same thanks not just to Joe, but to my fellow B5 fans as well. You guys let Joe know… you guys have been helping in my fight against cancer for nearly a year now, and for that I am grateful. :)

Massive Elanic thanks officially given via blog post…
DONE. :)

I have GOT to go to my email and send every indivdual who wrote to me so far a fast “I GOT YOUR NOTE, I’ll get back to ya, stay tuned, patience please!” kind of reply.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s patience.

Man… I got WORK to do… time to pace the energy level VERY carefully…

-Elana :)

I have been making an attempt at scheduling my blog posts for Wednesdays and Sundays so that I don’t end up accidentally spamming my RSS and email subscribers. However THIS post I’m gonna let loose RIGHT NOW for obvious reasons. Now you know.

Just re-read that big-universe thanks thing in my own darn post… wow… I am just REALLY glad that despite everything else, cancer has NO effect on my own ability to imagine something greater than my own life.
(Have to admit it was fun shooting for just a SLIGHT bit of hyperbole there. ;-)

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