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Cancer update: good news, bad news

Fast update:

Good news: Cancer still there, but cut to the roots (there’s still roots) at this point. My oncologist has a nice, tough pair of “pruning shears.” :)

Details: Cancer is still detected very much in the breast, liver not as much as before. A strange new anomaly in the right tonsil. Since a PET scan looks for tissue that is consuming a lot more glucose than usual, the tonsil thing could be just some kind of minor infection. Tonsils actually have their own function in the immune system. My oncologist is going to keep an eye on that.

Bad news: Turns out the FDA wants to disallow the medicine that is keeping me alive.

The banning will happen next month – September. Not enough medical studies to support my kind of treatment, they say. The drug is Avastin.

Oncologists all over the country are fighting this. My oncologist is NOT happy.

Please pray that my doctor gets to keep her good “pruning shears.”

Longer, more detailed post later… this is difficult stuff. :-/

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