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A Bit Of a Dental Emergency… (updated)

FAST UPDATE from August 9:

I’m home, happy and totally grateful for FANTASTIC service from the University of Nevada’s graduate dental school program.

Tooth fixed! :)

Me exhausted. :(

Me sleep now, will blog about it all later.


(original text below)

Yesterday (wednesday) I made myself a nice tortilla spread with hummus and started to eat it. I felt a crunch on a back molar. I wondered WTF would be crunchy with a soft food like that…

…and found that one of my back teeth suddenly had a nice chunk chipped off. It was tooth #18, for those who speak dentistry. The tooth seems ready to crumble even worse at a moment’s notice. I am trying to do what I can to avoid pain. :(

I don’t have dental insurance and I haven’t any spare cash for quite a while, so going to a normal dentist was out of the question.

I called the local dental schools, but they didn’t have openings.

I called my oncologist and asked politely for maybe 10 powerful painkiller pills in case the tooth crumbled completely, putting me in full-fledged pain hell before I can get to a dentist. Wish granted… I am getting those pills tomorrow. (Update from 8-6-2010, pill prescription have been acquired, that’s a relief… I can save it for if it’s needed.)

Today the American Cancer Society found me a local, more obscure dentistry school program which would take me as a patient this coming Monday.

I am lucky… the dental school program I am visiting is a graduate program for dentists who need to learn from complicated cases. If this turns out to be even worse than I fear, I will be in good hands. :)

The fee is 100 bucks just for the emergency appointment to fix the molar. Hooo boy… time to work harder on the website to earn the money to make this happen.

So I had been in a “fury” on finishing the new version of the website. To clarify, that as much “fury” as one can be in when one has only have energy to work 2 hours a day on the average due to my current health.

I am glad that I am almost done with the site… I think I will be able to offer enough Pins to cover the price of the painkillers (I have no prescription coverage either) as well as the emergency dental appointment.

Waiting for the official word on my PET scan and bone scan results happens on August 10. Dentist on the 9th, oncologist on the 10th… is that stressy or what? :-/

I really look forward to getting the new version of the jumpgatepin website up so that I can be relieved from the financial stress of these new medical complications as well as some overdue bills from chemo.

Thank you all for listening. It helps.

UPDATE from 8-8-10: TWO Pin customers came through for me… I have no idea if they mind their last names mentioned; I’d better err on the cautious side.

So THANK YOU Robin S. in Maine and Hugh R. in Ireland! I got money for the appointment plus whatever prescription I end up having to get. THANK YOU BOTH! :)

My customers are my heros… all of you.

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