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Missing <*> Pin Inventory FOUND!

Well folks, a bunch of Pins I thought were sold out turned up in a box which I had in storage.  Now I know better to not mark any Pin as “sold out” but instead to have folks get on a mailing list for Pins they want instead.  Here’s the details:

In late June, 2010, I was able to take home several boxes that were held in storage. I had not seen these boxes since early last December.

At the same time, I HAD been wondering where most of my Pin inventory had gone off to. For instance, my <*> tie tacks were completely missing, the inventory of Starries sure seemed a bit short, and same with the Golden and the first Purple-Green Pins. I just thought they had been lost in the move. :-/

Turns out… there was this ONE box I brought to Nevada which had not opened since I moved away from Oregon three years ago. It was supposed to only have my late-80’s-era “electronic music journalist” history in it. There was NO reason to suspect that there could any <*> stuff in that box. The chapter of my life having to do with chronicling electronic music had nothing to do with the other part of my life that came up with the Pins in the first place.

So imagine my shock when I opened that box to sort out the music journalism stuff – and I saw the envelope containing the lost tie-tacks! And 10 Starries! Two Purple-Greens! And an assortment of other Pins I thought were sold out!! (no Junior pins, though)

I was shocked… then I became a little embarrassed. Sheesh… I HAD told everyone via my Pin page that these editions were gone! WRONG. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

I wondered: “What the heck do I say to my Pin customers?” My best friend told me: “Do you know ANYONE who has not misplaced SOMETHING in a move and then found it a long time later? Just tell them the truth! They will understand.”

Well… OK. :)

It’s time to get over my embarrassment and offer these lost-and-found Pins to anyone who wants them.

At this writing, I have around 5 Starries, 1 Golden which is damaged and needs repair, 1 purple-green, a fair amount of tie tacks, some Greys and some extra Red Pins.

Time for me to re-count the Pinventory! :)

This brings up the issue of what could yet be hiding in my storage boxes in my friend’s basement back in Portland.  Could there be a few more Junior Pins still there?  A few more Golden Pins?  I don’t think it’s likely, but I sure didn’t predict these other Pins being in storage boxes I had already.

So I have decided that just in case there are Pins that are still stuck in Oregon, I will allow people to get on a mailing list for currently-unavailable Pins such as the Junior lapel Pin.

If currently-unavailable Pins turn up after I can get my stuff shipped home from Portland, the folks on the mailing list get to benefit first.  Look for the “unavailable, but ask” designation on the Pinventory page.  :)

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    It is my opinion someone should meet him inside the airport in October. Make sure to bring a straight jacket and armed escort.

    As I go through editing my backlog of comments, I’m often amused by some of the random text the spammers try to post. This one just crazy enough to keep the original text as/is.

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    Can you tell I’m getting a bit tired of moderating spam?

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