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Christopher Franke story: “Who’s on the phone?”

Back in the days when B5 was being broadcast, I served as the online liaison between the soundtrack composer Christopher Franke and my fellow B5 fans.  How I managed to become friends with him in the first place is a pretty epic story in itself, which I will have to save for another time.  There’s some pretty good reasons why my name is in the liner notes of the B5 CD soundtracks.

And for the record, I was also an OMFG huge fan of his for over a decade.

I’ll just share this one little tidbit for now.  :)

At the time, I was living in a low-income-resident building in downtown Portland.   I had a small TV in my little room, but I watched the show in the big common room on the first floor.  Sometimes if there was a commercial, I’d quickly run up the elevator, grab something I needed, run back down and continue watching the show.

On this day I needed who-knows-what during the show’s broadcast, so when the commercials came, up the elevator I went.

I grabbed the thing and was halfway out the door when the phone rang.

OK, what idiot actually had the stupid idea of calling me during the B5 broadcast!??

I looked at the phone, looked at the door, looked at the phone, looked at the door…

…GLARED at the phone…

…then I picked it up and started telling whoever it was on the other end my official opinion of their @#$%! call timing.

Suddenly I heard that familiar Berliner accent trying to interrupt me, saying “I want to talk to you – I’ll send you a tape!”

Good gawd.

It was Christopher Franke.

The apologies on my end were epic.  I was SERIOUSLY embarrassed!  I quickly explained to Christoph that I could catch B5 on re-run, but there would never be a chance to repeat ANY conversation with him!

We talked about whatever he needed to talk about for about 10 minutes.  I returned to the show after we were done – lesson learned.

I later posted this publicly on the B5 newsgroup.  Turns out later that someone – probably Straczynski – printed my post out and put it on some studio bulletin board for the whole cast and crew to enjoy.

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